Social Media Speeds Up Calls to Action, Saves Lives of Pit Bulls

By | November 25, 2014

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This is one of those stories that show us why the world is a better place due to the Internet and online social networks. Somewhere in between all those images of what folks are eating, insipid posts, and frothy comments that we see on a daily basis, there is real value to it all.

An ordinance to ban pit bull and Rottweiler dogs, take those animals away from owners, and then euthanize these family pets was reversed and shutdown in the Louisiana village of Moreauville over the past few days.

An announcement was made on Monday. On November 21, owners of these breeds were mailed notifications informing them that they had until December 1 to surrender their dogs or the pets would be taken away. Three days later the law was reversed due to an overwhelming number of people stepping up and signing a petition online. On November 24, that decision made by the village’s aldermen was reversed.

A local TV station, KALB, interviewed a mother and her daughter from a household that was soon to be adversely affected by the law. The family was going to lose its pit bull, Zeus. The dog is an “unofficial” special-needs animal that helps a wheelchair bound little girl by monitoring he spasms and awakens the little girl’s mother when her daughter experiences these spasms.

More than 200,000 signatures were gathered via an online petition to Save Zeus. A Facebook page, Saving Zeus, received more than 29,000 through Monday.

So, without social media, how long would it have taken for us to discover this story? How many households would have lost their beloved pets? What would have happened if there were no places to gather and organize at the speed of reality?

When I read stories like this, I realize that the Internet and, more importantly, social media is as purposeful to society as it is one of its biggest time-wasters. There really is more to it than Kim Kardashisan’s latest post of images of her airbrushed butt.

Here is link to the full story.


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