Is Maintaining a Business Blog a Corny Joke? (It Is on Mondays!)

By | November 17, 2014

Jokers-WildWhile maintaining a blog consistently has proven to be beneficial to generating more business and bolstering SEO, many firms do not update theirs regularly. Last week I found a research study that highlighted the benefits derived by small and midsize organizations that consistently post new content on their blog. And the results were significant.

Frankly, I was skeptical because the publisher of this report was a marketing company whose specialty is blogging for other businesses. Obviously, it is hard to imagine a service provider talking about its lack of relevance. However, when I found that they did not have their own blog, it confused me a lot. How could a company that offers blogging services not have a blog? Holy conundrum! Now what?

So, if blogging frequently is really good for business, why do less than one-third of small to midsize firms do it regularly? It is something to consider. Perhaps, it is one of those talking points awaiting an elaborate dissertation from one of those social media gurus or rock stars of marketing.

To blog or not to blog is a topic I plan to delve into further … but not today.

That is enough critical thinking for today. Nothing makes you yearn to extend the weekend like going back to work on Monday. So, while you are back at work and being productive again, here is a little nonsense to help get you through the day.

 The Best, Bad Corny Jokes of the Day

What do you call a bounced check for $1,000?

A grand illusion!

 What did the animals in the jungle say to describe their kindhearted king of the beasts?

“He’s a dandy lion!”

Why weren’t any of the studios interested in a screenplay written by a gravedigger?

It was a basic cemetery plot!

Why did the confused accounts payable clerk insist on placing all of the company’s invoices onto soggy grass before processing payments?

He was told that no bills are to be paid until they are over dew!

What do you call two ticks trying to negotiate a deal?

Flea bargaining!

What do you call a locomotive with a brain?

A train of thought!

What did the condemned to death prisoner say to the governor when they crossed paths while walking past each other?

“Pardon me.”

 Can you guess the name of the new TV show about a lost wolf?

Where Wolf?

What did the frustrated TV repairman say to his customer after trying everything he knew to adjust the color on the television?

“It’s not me … so, it must be hue!”



One thought on “Is Maintaining a Business Blog a Corny Joke? (It Is on Mondays!)

  1. Aslam

    I completely agree. There are many meme posts that I don’t even open the posts because I know I won’t be interested in them. I like to read reviews and discussion posts, mostly. I will sometimes comment on some memes depending on what they are (like the Sunday posts where people talk about their week, that is like a personal discussion post, IMO), but it just isn’t my thing.


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