I Hired Me to Fix My Own Business Model

By | June 15, 2015
Marketing James Rothaar

Manage your time wisely.

Every time I feel I deserve a break, this thought crosses my mind.

Talent is great; smarts are equally swell; the hardest worker signs both their paychecks.

With that in mind, I am going to hire myself on a trial basis and see if I can improve my business. There will not be a press release, as this is strictly a DIY repair project to see if I can add improve my business model.

Problem with the Process 

Essentially, I am a one-man marketing consulting service with strategic partners. I am currently the sales, marketing, and production functions as well as the accountant. I am disposable marketing manager; I come in, fix it, and go. I am affordable because my relationship is direct with clients, and my overhead is nowhere near that of full-staffed agency. That is my differential edge and elevator pitch in less than 60 words.

I have been freelancing professional for more than 10 years, but it has just hit me that I have been more like a lucky independent contractor than a prospering entrepreneur.

Separating Symptoms from Problem

My primary concern is that I am spending so much time try to figure out what and how to do things that nothing is happening at all. The only things increasing with my current system are my anxiety, stress, and senselessness. I have a couple clients and a few prospects, which is okay, but it is not quite there. To make a long story short, I am not running a small marketing company; what I am doing is barely managing a cluster of chaos without a routine or criteria to measure the value in what I am doing.

Defining Problem, Propose Solution

So, I have defined a problem that needs to be addressed. My time-management skills are abysmal. I need to fix my process and organize the workflow. So, I am doing putting together a schedule of time available and a checklist of duties. This will help me manage my time more efficiently and maintain the focus on prospecting, producing clients’ work, and getting new business.

Measuring Results

I am not sure why analytics is such a buzz kill on the entrepreneur cool cycle when it comes to talking business. Analytics means analyzing a situation and determining what happened.

Maybe it is because I married to a mathematician that I am so matter of fact toward it. But there are algebraic word problems being solved by fifth graders that are much harder than setting up analytics. So, I have set goals and will review my results every Monday morning.

On My Flailing and Waling 

I had a meeting with a prospective new client this fine Monday morning. We are going to begin a working relationship next week. However, despite securing a new business with my old “too busy to get add structure” mentality, I am sticking with my new time-management plan.

Now, I need to figure out a topic worth blogging about. Would this work?



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