Hate Shopping on Thanksgiving? Then Don’t Do It!

By | November 28, 2014

Happy Black ThursdayI read an article today on Distractify by Megan McCormick with the headline: “Here’s The List Of Stores Staying Open On Thanksgiving Instead Of Letting Workers Spend Time With Their Families.”

It was an editorial and “listicle” rolled into one. Expressing a serious opinion over a trite topic is nonsense at its worst. However, in all fairness to Megan, this could be due to a dull executive editor that does not like creative or entertaining writing.

Complaining about retail outlets that are open on Thanksgiving Day ranks among the most ridiculous and, perhaps, sanctimonious traditions in America. Every year it prompts reports from numerous online and offline media outlets to acrimoniously bemoan how low-wage employees of these dastardly retailers are forced to work instead of being able to spend the entire day with their families.

The annual dogma includes two types of lists: stores that are open on Thanksgiving (a.k.a. the evil guys) and stores that are closed (a.k.a. the good guys).

Here are two words to rebut the whiny, smug writers who prefer being called “journalists” but require a team of editors and proofreaders to make their insipid work readable material: marketing research.

If there were not enough consumers that actually want to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day, would these retailers be open for business anyway? It is arguable whether they are right. And it also is possible that this practice annoys some people, such as all the journalists that deem this topic newsworthy—year after year after year.

No one is forcing anybody to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day. It is a personal choice to do so. Additionally, it is possible that some of these vilified merchants offer employees a choice to work or take the day off. Also, it could be an escape clause for some folks who would prefer to be anywhere else on Turkey Day than with a bunch of folks they would rather not be around. Everyone doesn’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling from being around less-than-loving but harshly judgmental family members.

Just because it bothers you that some department stores are open, is that really a reason to slam them for it?

Nobody seems to complain too much about restaurants and bars being open on Thanksgiving Day. There are plenty of low-wage employees that work in those places that aren’t able to spend the day with their friends and families. So, why aren’t they picked on annually?

What about sports events, such as the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, and the NCAA playing games on TD? Those venues are full of low-wage workers, including cheerleaders, vendors, parking lot attendants, and others that do not get a day off.

Theaters are open on Thanksgiving, and so are gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores. Aren’t these American workers missing a day that they should have off to spend with their family and friends too? People complain about retailers being open on Thanksgiving. However, if the gas stations are closed, or there are no sports to watch on TV, or there are no theaters, restaurants, or bars to frequent, that is an entirely different story.

Perhaps the real reason this topic is revisited annually is that it is a very simple to write a list-styled article on it.

Let the shopping season begin on Thursday or Friday. Who cares?

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