Communications Breakdown: Marketing vs. Sales

By | September 8, 2014
3D men fighting

Don’t let this happen between your sales and marketing departments.

Why can’t they just get along?

Which came first marketing or sales? Since there are no sales until your market knows that you exist, it should be pretty straightforward that marketing and sales complement each other. But if that is so, why do 75% of CEOs “don’t think marketing applies the same definitions to things such as “results” and “return on investment”?

If a company is only heard during its sales pitches, guess what? It is going to be ignored more times than it is embraced. If the marketing and ales departments are not efficient, a business model will not be effective.

For marketing and sales to be aligned, it’s critically important that both teams agree on roles and expectations.

Read 5 Things that CEOs Don’t Ask About Marketing, but Should by Renee Yeager at for tips on ensuring that your sales and marketing teams are working together instead of apart.




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