A Business Blog Can’t Compete with Kim Kardashian’s Big Fat Ass!

By | November 12, 2014



The cover of Paper features Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass!

Many marketing firms claim that blogging is a smart way to spend time trying to grow a business. While blogging may draw attention to your company from around the world instantly, you need to ask yourself a question.

Why would anyone want to read your business’ blog, which focuses on the same old business principles that were found etched into walls of cave men’s dwellings, when they could instead be looking at Kim Kardashian’s ass?

This is my excuse for not blogging regularly. I cannot compete with Mrs. Kanye West’s baboon-size butt. More people are interested in looking at her rear end than they are in reading about my MBA-driven bottom-line analyses.

Listicles … Schmisticles!

Writing witty list articles on how to integrate vertical and horizontal markets; 10 ways to prepare for a meeting; five habits you need to incorporate into your daily routine; six ways to reach out to bloggers and journalists, or maximizing your time optimally with these seven tips do not hold a candle to Kim Kardashian’s two fleshy butt cheeks.

Maybe I am being overly cynical, but It would appear that the only businesses that do keep their blog current are those that are trying to sell blogging as one of their marketing services. And even those companies don’t always keep current blogs either (present company included, unfortunately).

Preaching vs. Practicing:

A market research study released in August 2013 by Passle, which is a UK-based firm that sells content marketing for businesses, reached Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 11.43.09 AMout to 802 marketing professionals of small- and medium-size firms to determine how many keep up with their blogs.

The “keep-up” status was based on whether these companies put up three blog posts within the past year. Seventy percent of the respondents conveyed that they were unable to maintain an updated blog. Upon reviewing this question, Passle then went out and asked 200 additional marketers of small- and medium-size companies if they had done 12 blog posts within the past 12 months; 71 percent reported they had not done so.

Bottom Line:

So, if blogging about a business works so well, how come most small to mid-size companies do not keep up with it? I am blaming Kim Kardashian’s fat ass. It is easier to do that than to figure out how to be consistent, engaging, informing, and entertaining. What is your excuse?









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