Revisiting the Alter-G, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill

When I first wrote about this product, I thought it was the most incredible device I had ever encountered. Two weeks ago,  thanks to the Good Shepherd Penn Partners, I was able to test the anti-gravity treadmill at the exposition held at the Philadelphia Convention Center that preceded the running of the Gore-Tex 2014 Philadelphia… Read More »

Will Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘Hard-Copy-Only’ Publication Be Relevant to Market?

Fashion designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld recently announced that he is going into the newspaper business. The Karl Daily is expected to launch later this month in Europe and Asia, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The publication, which is being touted by some as the soon-to-be-the-largest in the industry, will be available in only a hard-copy format.… Read More »

Is Attention-Seeking Sports Uniform of Cycling Team PR Coup or Blunder?

I double-checked to ensure that I was not reading The Onion, seeing an ad for a gentlemen’s club or that an NFL team’s cheerleaders just got a new uniform, before commenting on these attention-snaring outfits of the Columbian’s women’s cycling team. What blows the flame off my candle is that the design was approved in the first place.… Read More »