Is Attention-Seeking Sports Uniform of Cycling Team PR Coup or Blunder?

By | September 16, 2014

colombia-womens-cyclingI double-checked to ensure that I was not reading The Onion, seeing an ad for a gentlemen’s club or that an NFL team’s cheerleaders just got a new uniformbefore commenting on these attention-snaring outfits of the Columbian’s women’s cycling team.

What blows the flame off my candle is that the design was approved in the first place. While there is no accounting for taste, there obviously  also was no allowance granted for decorum either. Why would a country do this to their female athletes? The men’s team uniform is styled similarly with the “naked” spot in the mid to lower regions.

NPR posted a photo of the Colombian men’s that was tweeted by the Columbian cycling program, Ultimo KIlometer that read, “it’s cycling, not fashion!” The tweet has been re-tweeted more than 11,000 times.

Granted there have been some fairly odd-looking uniforms designed for sports teams over the years. Blunders that would make you wonder and then some … but WTF were they thinking when they signed off on these uniforms?

Bad taste in uniforms usually means ugly colors or bad artwork … it is generally is not something viewed as being recklessly provocative looking as these.  Check out these snazzy sports uniforms from soccer, hockey, and baseball.












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