Doing the ALS Bucket Challenge Richly

By | September 1, 2014

ChloeHow do you know when something has gone viral? Well, when you never heard of it before but suddenly it is the topic that nobody can stop talking about—that’s viral.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere. As I am typing this note, I am growing increasingly apprehensive that I am about to be doused with a bucket of ice water for just mentioning it.

It is the current fad with no end in sight … or so it seems. Everyone is getting into the act. Facebook is currently deluged with short videos of people taking the challenge and then challenging others to do it as well.

However, if you are going to do it, this is an act that could be done extravagantly too. Now this is where my expertise in writing all those uppity luxury articles over the years comes in handy. I know that no image conscious status seekers are simply going to fill up a bucket or two with iced water and then pour it over each other. That would be too pedestrian for a snob to merit risking getting that replica Rolex wet.

So, if you know some folks looking for a luxurious way to get drenched, this link will show them how to do their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge lavishly. Everything from the bucket to the water to the ice to the outfit and the chair are all high-end.  There is even an ideal location recommended in Mark Wilson’s article, A Snob’s Guide to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

But if you really want to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge richly, check out how Charlie Sheen did it.

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